Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I’ll Always Remember You
Is it that time of year already?
How can that be true?
Wasn’t just yesterday we threw out the old
And rang-in the new?

It doesn’t seem possible that it is again Halloween.
That the leaves now are turning,
And that they’ve crowned the Homecoming Queen.

A life I thought would go on and on
Suddenly stopped,
And a dear old man is gone.
Too many years have passed and have erased all trace
Of the man’s life, home, work, and face.

It doesn’t seem quite fair, this I know.
Better seize the moments, take every day nice and slow.
Because looking back, how fast changes really do take place.
Even though at the time they seemed to move at a slower pace.

What once was new has overnight turned old.
Insufficient events have turned to memories of gold.

Has it been over twenty years already?
It just can’t be true.
But don’t worry old man,
I’ll always remember you.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful poem, Ruth. As I daily face the fact that my own father could pass at any time (he's 86 and in a nursing home), I dread the day. This was a beautiful blog and I'm glad I was privileged to read it.

    Rhonda Penders