Sunday, March 27, 2011


A week ago I received boxes full of my book, Soldiers From the Mist.  I am quickly learning that writing the novel was the easy part.  Now, the real work begins:  promoting and selling. 
I’m proud to say, that I have sold over half of the first batch.  My books have flown through the universe to as far away as New York and as nearby as Oklahoma.  Not bad.   I’ve talked to local bookstores and merchants and am lining up book signings.  (see the events page).  There are conferences on the horizon as well.  
The reviews have been great.
Cheryl’s enthusiasm matched mine.  “I am so impressed!  The characters are so real.  You’re another James Patterson or Nora Roberts.”
From Linda:  “Great read.  I want more.  What happens to the Lieutenant’s family?  To Emmie’s mother?  What is Henrietta’s  story?”   (Music to my ears.  Always leave them wanting more.)
Lanita said, “I love it!  Can hardly put it down.  Makes you feel like you’re right there with the person. Please tell me you have another one in progress.
Tom wrote: “Nice twist that’s different and surprising.”

 Marge's comment was: "It engaged my emotions from the beginning, sometimes so much I'd
have to put the book down."
But my all time favorite (for now) came from fellow author and friend, Big Foot Pam:  “You bitch!  I was up all night reading.  Girl you can write!  Awesome read.”

Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!   AND ORDERS!


  1. The name of the song I hear the orchestra playing is A Great Story Well Written. And the band is just warming up, so keep blowing your horn, Ruth. I'm betting a whole lot of people will dance to the music of your prose.

  2. I'm so glad everyone loves your book, Ruth. But it's not a surprise to me. I loved the story from the first word I read. You've done a wonderful job. You deserve to toot your horn loud and clear.