Monday, May 23, 2011


Temper Tantrum

A frown creases Mother Nature’s face.
Features darken and clouds start to race.
Puke green skies spew dime-sized hail.
Lightning slashes the ozone with a scratch of her fingernail.
Thunder rumbles from the kicking of her feet.
Rain flattens the grass like a wet, cotton sheet.
Soft breezes harden into mighty winds that blow.
The Lady’s fixing to put-on one hell of a show.
The Doppler sings out, tornadoes are near.
People, like ants, scurry underground out of caution and fear.
An eerie silence hangs heavy in the electric-charged air.
Curses are thrown.  But is that really fair?
Man rips her crust and slaughters her trees.
Birds lose their homes and are forced to flee.
Gooey, black oil poisons her water,
Smothering the fish, the duck, and the otter.
Her anger and sorrow are justified.
For a Mother must grieve for the children that died.
How much more must she endure
Before Man wakes up and initiates a cure?
It was only a temper tantrum she threw today.
But beware; tomorrow there could be hell to pay.

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem. Looks like there may be hell to pay tonight.