Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Legend of Danny O'Shea


Here is my flash fiction for this Friday.

The Legend of Danny O'Shea
Danny O’Shea loved his emerald-eyed Kathleen and promised her a land of milk and honey in the land of the Americas.
“The mountain seams are full of gold, Katie, my love,” he’d laugh low and musical. “One blast can change a poor potato farmer into a king.”
“Tis a grand dream.”  Kathleen smiled. “And what is life without them? Go to America and claim ye fortune.”
“I’ll send for you my love.”
Danny O’Shea was never heard from again.
Some say his ghost haunts the hills still searching for the mother lode and golden dreams, that the sound of dynamite and laughter is carried on the wind.  
 But tis’ only legend.
Or is it?


  1. Great job, Ruth! I should have known you would make a picture of a scroll into a ghostly love story! A ghostly, love story that gave me chills--in less than 100 words no less!!

  2. Luna, that's old dynamite, not a scroll ;) Ruth, loved the flavor of of Ireland in that!

  3. Your flash fiction story is a blast,Ruth.